Balance is an interval between two transitions

Balance is an interval between two transitions

I have always observed that if you wait two weeks changes are bound to occur. You can think of this time as a recovery time between transitions. Finding balance is like this too. We are moving from point to point through states of balance, taking steps to transition into and out of poses that guide us to this place. There are always forces beyond ourselves that find ways to make us pause and take notice of our balance. We are experts at ignoring the signs and symptoms of imbalance because we just want to maintain our status quo.

Last week no matter how much I tried to deliver on my balance, it wasn’t happening. Even with the support of a wall or modifications there were other forces within myself at play that I could not yet connect with. I just went on to think, I was able to do this the week before, why not today? A doctor’s visit later that day made it clear why I was struggling. Regardless of the situation that brings you to this place, be it pain, fear, growth, or truth, the key is to learn to transition with grace. This week let’s take some rest and find a moment to pause and reflect.

Affirmations this week:

  • I am peaceful with life.

  • I choose to allow all of my experiences to be joyous and loving.

  • I release, I relax and let go.

  • I am safe in life.

Supported Fish (Salamba Matsyasana)

  • Time

    • 10 minutes with slow and easy breathing

  • Benefits

    • Opens (heart, shoulders, and lungs),

    • Balances (emotions, asthma, organs),

    • Relieves (constipation, menstrual pain, backache, anxiety) 

  • Setup

    • Sit up straight with your sacrum/lower back up against a bolster or thickly rolled blanket.

    • Lie back onto the bolster, supporting your upper back, neck, and head with additional blocks or pillows if needed. 

    • Stretch the legs out in front. 

    • This is a back bend, so bend the knees and keep feet flat on the floor for a more gentle variation.

    • When you are ready to move out of the pose roll over to one side and gently push yourself to a seated position.

  • Optional

    • Listen to meditative music/guided meditation


Salamba Matsyasana reminds us that we are supported and to relax and let go.  Continue you to support yourself.      



Writer, Technologist, and Meditation Coach