How to Create a Space for Meditation

How to Create a Space for Meditation

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Having a place for meditation in your home or office where you can tune out the world for a few minutes each day is blessing in disguise. If you are like me, however with a lovely open floor plan and family running around, there isn’t a place to just go and close the door. Here are 5 simple things that are aimed to improve your practice.

#1 Fifteen Minutes a Day

Find 15 minutes a day, at the same time, and in the same place to meditate.

When I meditate in a group, we meet at the same time and in the same place every week. Having this routine sets the tone for a successful practice and gradually attunes your mind and body to a more mindful and relaxing attitude.

#2 Define your Meditation Space

You really don’t need anything fancy to sit and meditate, but its nice to set aside space for your practice that is full of inspiration and good energy. This might just be your yoga mat, blanket, or cushion. Get creative and make your space as inviting and conducive to a comfortable practice. You might use relaxing music or lighting to set the tone for you practice. Consider taking your practice outdoors. There is nothing more inviting to me than a cup of tea and a cozy blanket to settle into my space outside and practice meditation.

#3 Clear your Meditation Space

Imbue your space with positive energy. Light a candle, chant a mantra, play hymns or bring in a live plant or fresh flowers.

#4 Center Yourself

Before beginning any sort of meditation practice, take a bow by bringing your arms out to the sides of the body and then flowing them overhead until your palms meet at the top in a prayer pose. Then draw the palms down through to your heart center. Tuck the chin into the chest and express gratitude before beginning your practice. This simple movement is also a way to clear your own energy especially if you are meditating after interacting with many people. Caregivers like healthcare professionals, massage therapists, etc know that they need to ground their energy and take very special care to protect themselves from the energies of the patients and clients that they are working on. If you fall into this category, take special care to clear your personal energy prior to centering yourself for meditation.

#5 Connect to your Space

Some of us move in our meditation. It is not necessary to feel rigid or sit stiffly during your practice. If you are called to sway or take some free movement, allowing yourself to do so will only connect you further to your practice. It may be helpful to have a Tai Chi like series of movements to center yourself and connect to your space. The only rule is to create a flow that allows you to feel a little more comfortable settling into a practice.

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