Unexpected encounters with Loving Kindness: The Breakfast Lady

Unexpected encounters with Loving Kindness: The Breakfast Lady

This week I wanted to share some impromptu experiences from my vacation a few weeks ago which I recorded on the spot (no makeup, no formality, just thoughts captured as they happened). The kindness and relate-ability of everyone we come across, especially when traveling, shows that we can have loving kindness in every moment.

The breakfast lady at the hotel we were staying at had several nuggets of wisdom to share as we were talking in the morning. The breakfast room was not particularly full, but the news was on and she was kind enough to entertain my son even though he was making a mess. She was a grandmother and knew just what to say to make him laugh. As the room cleared out, she suddenly asked if we wanted to change the channel and started sharing her experience about one day when there was nothing good on the news, the breakfast room was very full and you could literally cut the tension with a knife.

I took a moment to capture this moment so I wouldn’t forget. Check it out here along with this weeks quote from the Four Agreements Card Deck by Don Miguel Ruiz.

I loved how she reminded us that it is so important to disconnect in order to release the discomfort we might be holding onto. The moment that we let go, we start to feel like ourselves again and express that loving kindness in our interactions. She explained how the moment that they changed the channel, everyone in the room relaxed again and just started to eat and enjoy their breakfast.

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