Pavani A. Vadlamani

Living Life Unflamed: Magical Sesame

Pavani A. Vadlamani
Living Life Unflamed: Magical Sesame

Travel and trade across the Indian Ocean brought the tiny sesame seed to ancient civilizations during the Bronze Age. Sesame oil in particular was extracted from the seeds and exported to several places including the Mediterranean, Egypt, and Mesopotamia. Archaeological findings in medical texts reveal the use of seeds in herbal remedies to treat a number of physical and psychological disorders including dry skin, colds, toothaches, ear aches, leprosy, and insanity. Later in history, we can see evidence of use in church rituals, other household uses, in flavoring and cooking [1].

This tiny little seed is still referenced medicinally by Ayurveda practitioners for maintaining balance in the body and in treating many of the same disorders that were prevalent in ancient times.

Ayurvedic Uses of Sesame Oil and Benefits

As suggested by Dr. Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic Physician bringing this knowledge to the world.

Gargle with it twice a day to support your oral health, brighten teeth, remove wrinkles from your cheeks, and improve the quality of your voice.

1 tablespoon of oil should be held in the mouth for a few moments, then begin to swish it around for a few more minutes before spitting it out. Before rinsing the mouth, massage the oil into your gums with your finger. Try not to hold the oil in your mouth for more than 10 minutes as it draws the toxins out of your mouth which you won’t want to reabsorb.

Chew some seeds to strengthen your teeth and improve your liver function and digestive fire.

Chew a handful of seeds and when you are done brush your teeth with warm water only.

Try some ear drops if you suffer from ringing in the ears, wax, hearing issues, lockjaw, and TMJ, are all due to the quality of vata (properties of dry, cold, light, and movement) in the ears.

Put 5 drops of warm sesame oil in each ear.

Massage your scalp, hair and body to prevent headaches, baldness, graying, receding hairline, help with sleep, and soften the skin. Good for all ages that have a vata constitution, including babies and young children.

This tiny little seed goes a long way in providing both nutritional and anti-stress support.

More Benefits of Sesame

Nutritional - Fiber, Protein, Vitamin B

Immunity - rich in antioxidants and contribute to blood cell formation

Health - lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, balances hormones

Body - provides relief from symptoms of inflammation, arthritis, and strengthens bones

Sesame oil and seeds have been in my life since childhood and are my go to remedy whenever I feel like my skin feels dry from the inside out and inflammation is coming on strong. It immediately quenches my skin and hair and calms me from the inside out. It is my natural teeth whitening and cavity care cure all. I use it for my son before bath-time to help him sleep better and use both the seeds and oil in cooking as much as possible. This week try adding some seeds to your smoothie, cereal, salads, stir-fry, etc. or try some of the oil remedies.


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