Pavani A. Vadlamani

Living Life Unflamed: RESTore

Pavani A. Vadlamani
Living Life Unflamed: RESTore

No matter what we do to prevent or maintain our balance, there are things that are bound to shake us up overnight and undo all the good work we thought we achieved. It doesn’t matter how we got to this place of imbalance. All that matters is realizing how we can RESTore ourselves. REST is the common denominator in any healing practice.

As we wrap up this July, I encourage you to turn off your devices, close the door to any disturbances and listen to some sleep rhythms or guided meditation before drifting off.

Here are a few options if you don’t want to search any further. Let go of the name and just listen to the quality of the music to help you drift off to sleep.

Happy Resting.


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