Sit in Stillness

When you are the most vulnerable is when you will want to do anything but sit in meditation with your own thoughts. This is the time to move with your frustration or anxiety and shift the energies that occupy your thoughts.  

I encourage you to sit in a place where you will not be disturbed and close your eyes. Follow the flow of the breath and stretch and move the body in every direction that calls to you. Imagine yourself pushing the energy all around you. 

Start by taking a bow and honoring yourself. Then bring your palms together at your heart and feel the energy between your fingertips. Push your palms out, stretch your body in a seated cat cow. Time your movements to your breath. 





All Seems

Whether all seems well or stressful, take a moment to sit in meditation and allow the inner work that needs to happen happen.  You can do this exercise sitting at your desk or on the floor.  You can follow the guided meditation for the first time and then sit quietly the subsequent times. Try to mediate like this in intervals for 30 minutes or longer.  The power of sitting in meditation will have profound and meaningful effects on your inner and outer world.      

Let it go

Breath consciousness is when we intentionally bring our awareness to our breath.  We intentionally retain and expel the breath to affect the senses and shift our focus inward from the external environment. By practicing conscious breathing we are showing compassion to ourselves.    

Let's begin.  

Music by: Ben Leinbach, Spirit of Yoga "Khumjung"