Pavani Akundi
Pavani Akundi
Yoga. Meditation. Mindfulness

What folks are saying...

“This was an amazing Indian Spice workshop. We even got samples: hair and face potions, cooking recipes and snacks, plus yoga postures for digestive health and anti-inflammatory concerns.” - Zen Yoga Roanoke Student

Pavani is an amazing healer and brings calm and peaceful energy into whatever space she walks into.  She will pull out from you, things to inspire you, ground you and empower you, all with a gentle spirit of nurturing.  In my lowest times, I have reached out to Pavani for advice and support and a few months down the road, I find her advice and foresight to be very sound and secure.  She offers guidance and support with love and no judgement.  A yoga session or meditative breathing session with Pavani instantly alters and uplifts my energy greatly.  It is like a warm and hearty balm for your soul.  I have made three vision boards with Pavani and have found items manifest from each vision board after a few months.  The amazing thing about the manifestation of vision board items is not the actual material item itself (eating healthy, letting go, being less uptight, or finding a new job), but the thought and soul transformation which comes with the manifestation.  It is truly priceless. 

-Sonal (Dallas, TX)

Pavani, This was my first time creating a vision board. Your attention to detail was not lost on us; the music, meditation, and tools you chose for us helped us to create the perfect vision board which will help us keep on track to our innermost needs. I strongly refer you to others for fun and focus. 

- Susan (Dallas, TX)

This was my first time making a vision board and thanks to Pavani's meditation, coaching and connected environment I was able to create the vision that will help me transform areas of my life that felt stuck. Keep doing this wonderful work. 

Ileana (Dallas, TX)

It was a great gathering. Thank you Pavani, you organized it so well; nothing missing, even music was put together so thoughtfully. The atmosphere was great, relaxing and at the same time full of such positive energy, which I believe you brought. I believe we all left inspired and energized for new beginnings. Thanks again. 

Rita (Dallas, TX)

Pavani provided an amazing  chair yoga/meditation series during Lent at my church.  The participants enjoyed the exercises, spiritual connection, and mind-clearing that occurred during each hour long session.  They want more and were sad to see the sessions end.  This is perfect for participants of all ages and can easily be modified.

- Dr. Jackie, St. Christopher Episcopal Church (Fort Worth, TX)

At our weekly spiritual satsang (gathering), we regularly use the guided meditations that Pavani has recorded. Her soothing voice,combined with perfectly timed cadence makes for an invaluable tool for beginners in meditation like myself. We look forward to many more recordings!

- Deepti  (San Diego, CA)


The board that Pavani created for me is beyond a vision board, it speaks to who I truly am and it's a daily reminder of who I choose to evolve into..the messages on this board speak to me as and when I need them.. it is an ever present energy force for me.

- Maanasa (Allen, TX)